2 Examples On Personal Statement Occupational Therapy And Tips To Build Powerful Opening

In every writing, some said that the opening part is the hardest one. Because this what people are going to read first and could be the gate to draw people in or steer them away with your writing. And this problem is also a concern for writing personal statement occupational therapy.

Tips in Building Exceptional Oppening

Since the committee had read numerous application document, an ordinary opening wouldnt do anything. That’s why to get their attention, you should write an impactful opening. For that reason, below is a list of some tips to write a perfect opening for the personal statement occupational therapy:

1. Don’t Waste Time in Trying to Make Something Catchy

Hooking reader since the first sentence is a purpose in personal statement occupational therapy. But you shouldn’t write any common phrase. At the other hand, when trying to come up with something new could make you waste time. For that reason, some experts recommend leaving this opening part for later. That way, you could fill it up later with a more suitable opening part.

2. Start with Reason Why You Interest

Your reader is the admission and application committee. Thus, you should make sure to get their utmost attention while reading your essay. For that, you should state the reason why you have an interest in the subject. And most people would state the previous experience on what made them interested in the subject. That way, they will believe in your essay and read until the last word attentively.

3. To the Point

Do remember, not to beat around the bush for your opening. To do that, you can write up some important points in your personal statement occupational therapy template. Thus, you wouldn’t forget the points you want to write in your opening. Also aside from yours, the committee has read numerous essays from the other applicants. You surely wouldn’t like to bore them with yours since the start.

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4. It’s an Introducing

The main purpose of personal statement is an introduction that you’re the perfect applicant for the position. Thus, you have to introduce yourself and the reasons why you’re the perfect person to get the chance. The personal essay is your way to communicate with the committee about that. Thus, you have to introduce yourself properly with narration. People wouldn’t mind what the rest you’re going to say if you start your introduction weakly.

5. Avoid the Cliché

Opening the writing with the cliché phrase will make the ones who read your essay bored from the start. Remember, it’s their job is to screen many personal statements from many applicants. Thus, they experienced in reading likes. If you’re starting with the cliché opening, then the ones who read it would think that the rest of your essay also cliché. Thus, this wouldn’t make your writing doesn’t stand out compared to others.

6. Be Specific

Just like mentioned before, don’t beat around the bush and to the point. You have to be specific on what you’re going to say in this opening part. Introduce yourself and why you interested in occupational therapy. Although the personal statement is no more than two pages long, it could decide your future acceptance. Also, with being specific from the start, the ones who read it would think that you are serious.

7. Write as If You’re Speaking

The personal statement is your way of communicating why you apply to get the position as the therapist. For that reason, you have to write in your speaking language and not try to spin words that not common for people to use. Just write as if you’re speaking directly to them. Because trying to come up with noncommon words would make you look like a fake.

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Examples on Personal Statement Occupational Therapy

For further reference, you can look up for the personal statement occupational therapy PDF on the internet. Also, you can look at the examples below. That way, you can see what common opening that people use, then you can avoid it. Thus, you could draw up some impeccable openings for you to use in yours.

Personal Statement Occupational Therapy

Personal Statement Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Personal Statement

Occupational Therapy Personal Statement


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