5 Amazing Redken Color Chart To Choose Your Perfect Destined Hair Color!

Redken Color Chart

That’s why you need to conduct a personal consult with Redken color chart to know your suitable color. When you’re looking at other people fabulous hair color, you wish to paste it on yours. But the problem is, more often than not, the hair color wouldn’t turn as suitable for you. And after pain and scarifies, the result is far from what you hoped.

Why Get Redken Color Chart

First thing first, you shouldn’t just imagine what color you want for your hair. To make the process as real as possible, you have to compare with a color chart. And to do that, you can easily find on the internet for Redken color chart PDF files. You can print it or run it through your gadget. Although get it printed would make the comparing process as real as possible, the quality of the printing result could be a disadvantage. Thus, use your preferred method.

Skin and Eyes Color

After getting your hold on the Redken color chart, you have to look at your skin color tone. In hairdressing, the hair masters often refer to the tone color as seasonal type. There are four types of skin color based on the seasons. And each season type has distinct suitable hair color, here they are:

1. Spring Type

This type refers to people with light tone color with a hint of peach or gold. Aside from that, the eyes color is blue or green. Thus, suitable hair color is blonde or red. For this type, avoid getting ashen tone colors, because the overall look would turn too pale. For a stretch, the warm color also recommended for this type, such as chopper, strawberry blonde, honey blonde, golden brown, and the kinds.

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2. Summer Type

The summer type doesn’t have any distinct eyes color, as long as the skin has a rosy tone with a hint of the undertone of blue or violet. Usually, people in this type have natural hair color of blonde, brunette, and fewer ashen. To add some fresh look, you could get ash blonde, platinum blonde, or red. For a stretch, you can try any color with mauve or bluish hue. And for the red, don’t try to get close with the golden, chopper, mahogany, and the likes because it wouldn’t be as good as the spring type.

3. Autumn Type

One character from autumn type is that usually, this type has freckles. This type has a light skin color by a hue of bronze or yellowish-golden with green or blue eyes color. And the autumn type has a warm vibe. That way, the warm color from golden-brown to reddish-brown is suitable.

4. Winter Type

Just like in the winter, the winter type person has fair and light skin color with any eyes color. This type usually has dark natural hair. Because of the original vibe from this type is cold, the warmth-radiant hair color would suitable. And add a bluish-black for a finish to an emphasizing effect for the natural hair color. Thus, without any doubt, avoid the spring type of hair color at any cost.

5. Dark Skin

Those seasonal types mentioned above didn’t touch for the dark skin tone, but it doesn’t mean this color chart from Redken has no more use. You can still use this chart even if you have dark skin. More often the dark skin has dark eyes, so, dark hair color is the best. And because usually, the natural hair for people with dark skin is dark or black, try not to sway from there. Any dark color in the range is good, as long as the base is no lighter than the skin color.

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Redken Color Chart Template

Once you get the consultation from the Redken color chart printable, next step is the fun part, coloring your hair. And to ensure the result would also be fun, better than you get help from the hairdresser. Moreover, if you never apply any hair color before. Here below are the color chart templates you can use.

Redken color chart

Redken color chart


Redken hair color pictures

Redken hair color pictures