5 Free Printable SWOT Analysis Template Word And How To Use It

SWOT analysis template word in this post is the best template and free. You can use the template to make a company analysis or personal use easily. To help you do this, here are a brief description of SWOT analysis, and how to use this SWOT analysis template word free document.

SWOT Facts

There is a lot of evaluation and analysis method that can use to analyze management or company. This is just one example which has simple steps to do the evaluation. Here is a brief explanation about SWOT.

1. Method of Analysis

As mention before, SWOT is a form of the analysis method. This system can use to analyze a company, group, programs, or personal characteristics.

To do this method, you need to look inside the company and understand the objectives. After that, look at how the company’s work.

For example a chocolate factory. They have been producing since 1980. They can survive, but the profit is not enough to grow bigger. They need a deep analysis of their management of the factory.

Maybe to know what needs to explore so they can grow bigger. Then what is the company’s advantages and strengths so they can last for about 39 years, and etc.

2. Consist of 4 Big Things

There are four focuses in this analysis method. Which contains the strength and weakness in internal factor. There is also an analysis of opportunity and threats from the external factor. This focus can help the analyzer to classify the advantages, and limitation of the company.

This four things usually are drawn in a big square or table. There are many types of table, and you can download the printable SWOT analysis template word for free here. Then you can edit it depend on your needs.

3. Can Enhance the Personal or Company’s Value

Why people or company need a deep analysis? Every company wants to survive for a long time, grow bigger, has a lot of successful product and anything else. To do this, management must try to avoid some problematic things and find a new opportunity.

Ideally, a company must do the analysis and evaluation process regularly. Maybe for monthly or twice a year. More often the analysis happens, then the problem will easily have the solution.

How To Use The Template To Do SWOT

This post comes with SWOT analysis template word example which can use to help your analysis work more simple. You don’t need to make it from a blank page.

1. Download the Template

You can download the editable SWOT analysis template word here. The size is small, so you can download it fast. This file is suitable for all Microsoft word types, from 2003 until the newest one.

2. List the Company’s Strength

After download, it, then start to edit the document. Write the company’s strengths first. For example, the factory is fast service, produces 2000 pieces of chocolate in a day, has a great factory design, and etc.

Write all of the strength to see how well the factory run. And develop more opportunities.

3. Write The Company’s weakness

The third step of making SWOT analysis is writing the weakness. This part is showing some problems faced by the company and needs a solution.

For example, fewer followers in the Instagram, marketplace not updated regularly, don’t have a company website, or etc. The result of this part must discuss more at the next meeting to solve the problem.

4. Write The Opportunities and Threats

The next is about external things. Opportunity can be understood as a new thing that can do by the company. For example, making a new branch outside the city, economic growth and etc.

You can adjust it to the company’s target. Then list it to the opportunity. Besides that, there are some obstacles or threats that may exist. Write it clearly in the threats part to discuss with the weakness analysis result.

5. Print or Share the SWOT Analysis Template Word Document

The last thing to do after making an analysis is to print or share it. You can print it directly in several types of paper. Adjust it in the page layout menu. To have a report document, you can choose plain paper in A4 size then print it.

If you want to make a presentation, simply copy the table or graphics and paste it to Microsoft PowerPoint or any presentation software. Besides that, you can share it as a docx, pdf, or jpg format with your teammates.

You can find other examples or templates outside this website. But, we provide the best SWOT analysis template word which is printable, editable, and friendly to a newbie Microsoft user.

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