3 Amazing Yearly Calendar Template And Tips For Designing

Although with the digital age is surrounding us, but the experience of hanging a calendar is always exceptional, because it’s a place where the family member could put their agenda for the year as one. For that reason, the calendar is a not replaceable fixture in every household. That’s why the yearly calendar template is always in demand for every occasion.

Applicable Ideas for Yearly Calendar Template Design

Mounting calendar on the kitchen wall or stick it on the fridge door is common scenery in the household. And it could bring some warm feeling of family members by letting know one and another about their activities. Thus, to bring back the feeling, you could put your touch on the yearly calendar template printable that you find online. For detail explanation, look at the list below:

1. Blank Print in A2 Paper

The first applicable design is to print it without any touch. Just print it as it is – blankly, and let the family member put their touch by scribing on their yearly agenda. That’s why the A2 sized paper used here. And if your kitchen is too small to get the A2 sized calendar mounted there, then you can place it at another place where your family would get access.

2. School Year Themed Calendar

If your family have kids in the school ages range, then this design is suitable for you, because you personalized the calendar especially for the school events of your kids. Aside from to remind you about those events, it also could serve as proof that your kids’ matter. By presenting their school year activity for you remember is another way for you to show them that they’re important. Thus, they wouldn’t feel second best after work.

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3. Family Photo Print Calendar

Another idea is by getting a custom made family photos calendar. Using this design, you could make it as your family yearly event to get photographed. That way, you could also do a yearly family photograph. Not to mention, if you have growing-age kids, it could be their yearly development pictures. Also, maybe put the family member mini picture in the place of their birth date.

4. Holiday Themed Calendar

In this design, you only have to highlight the holiday season. Then, put the detail activities on what to do in the holiday. That way, even if you don’t have a special agenda like traveling, you could still make a memorable holiday by putting it on the calendar. You could make up various activities to fill on each day. That way, your kid wouldn’t feel left out on their holiday season.

What to Use to Make Simple Yearly Calendar Template and The Examples

Back in the day, people need to go to the publishing house to get a custom calendar. And by the old system production, it would cost a lot even if you only need for one print. But with the nowadays technology, you could make your version of the calendar template. With the simple Microsoft program like Word, Excel, or even PowerPoint, you could make a template. Wherein, those programs are capable of simple designing

But if you wish for a more complicated design, then try to use the vector graphic programs like Corel Draw of Adobe Illustrator. These two programs are common to use in the publishing house for designing the yearly calendar template. Another complicated but rather easier to use for designing your calendar is Microsoft Publisher. For more ideas, you could sneak a peek on the templates below.

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You also could make a handwritten design calendar by manually draw the calendar. For some people with artistic hands, this matter isn’t a hard thing to do. You only need to download for yearly calendar template PDF for the reference and design it at your desire. But for the ones who don’t have the artistic blessing, then using computer graphic ones also enough.

Yearly Calendar Template

Yearly Calendar Template


Yearly calendar printable

Yearly calendar printable

Yearly calendar on one page

Yearly calendar on one page


Yearly calendar with holidays

Yearly calendar with holidays

File Description File size Downloads
pdf Yearly calendar with holidays 179 KB 22
pdf Yearly calendar on one page 114 KB 18
pdf Yearly-calendar-printable 337 KB 19
pdf Yearly Calendar Template 100 KB 21