20 Free Complete Templates of Grocery Shopping List for Baby and What to Include

Let’s be real, now is different than before. You cannot avoid adding new things on your grocery shopping list. Yes, it will be longer and take you more times in shopping. But don’t worry, here we will share important things to be concerned. So, you will not get overwhelmed.

Before we examine which is important and not, you should know the supermarket. Does it provide things you need or not? Don’t go there if it is not the complete one. The use of a grocery shopping list is to make your time effectively.

Things To Be Included On The List

We know that it is interesting to shop for your baby needs. All things look cute and feel like you will need it. But be careful for your budget. Be as specific as possible with these following items:

1. Body Care

It is not really different from your need. Your baby also needs their body care. The most important thing not to forget is the diaper. Make a calculation on how many it is needed in a month. You can start with counting it daily, how many times your baby changes their diaper? After that, you can assume the amount.

Other than that, body care also could be soap, shampoo, cream, or hair lotion. Anything that applies to your baby’s body. But since their little body doesn’t spend much of it, sometimes you find a lot left. You don’t have to but it monthly then.

2. The Meal

It would be easier if your baby age is under 6 months. You can finish with the number one list above. But when they come to eat solid food, you must create another list. Yes, the baby food list. It contains kinds of meals, fruits, and vegetables.

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To make your shopping is easier, line it to the menu you have scheduled before. Create their meal plan first, then write what is needed. Here we have some baby food grocery shopping list printable. You may save or print it anyway. Hang on your kitchen so you don’t forget to add any food needed.

grocery list template free

grocery list template free

3. Formula and Snacks

Continue from the previous number, it also a must-have item included. Several babies that is not breastfeeding needs formula. Just like counting the diapers, you can estimate this monthly. Count how many times your baby takes milk and how much of it. After that, you can decide the amount you buy.

Besides formula, when your baby already took eating, they will need snacks. It could be a biscuit, bread, cracker, or yogurt. We suggest you not to buy it too much. It usually has an expiry date, you must pay attention to it. Don’t buy if it expires soon or you let it goes to your bin.

4. Cutlery

This might be not an essential thing, but moms need it too. Sometimes moms too focus on the food, while they forget about the cutlery. The baby needs special cutlery, different from the adult. If you miss to add it, you definitely have to go out again. Well, it is not effective, right?

In several groceries, they also sell baby cutleries. List all your needs before you go. It is often some moms are getting lose control. So, they buy all kinds of it. In fact, not all of the baby cutlery is needed. Below is a sample of a grocery shopping list in pdf format. It contains the baby need for their mealtime.

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5. Extras

This part could be anything. But it doesn’t mean you are allowed to put unnecessary things. Be focus on your baby current condition. For example, don’t buy baby food if they are still under the age of 6 months. Or not to include formula if your baby is fully breastfed.

The extra list could be best if you know what the grocery provides. That is why in the first part we suggest you know your destination. Visualize what might be needed and note it. Re-think about it and decide should it be bought immediately or can be waited until the next month.

20 Templates of Baby Grocery Shopping List

There are several types of grocery stores. The more complete, the more effective and efficient your shopping moment will be. A grocery shopping list is a guidance for you. Besides it prevents you in missing something, it is also useful to keep your budget. See various samples below and match to your condition:

Grocery Shopping List

Grocery Shopping List