20 Incredible Grant Proposal Templates, Plus The Understanding and Steps to Write

It is hard to convince the government, company, or certain organization to fund your project. You must explain in detail what your research about or your project is. So, writing a grant proposal is necessary here for you. A grant proposal is written to ask the fund by describing what are you going to do. Remember, the fund is not the same with a loan, which you responded to return the money.

A good grant proposal template can take the fundraiser attention. They understand your problem, project objective, budget needed, until the impact. The more tangible your project, the more open your opportunity to get fund.

Steps to Write A Grant Proposal Template

There are so many samples of a grant proposal. But, once you make your own, don’t copy from the others. They have a different condition. These following points are steps to write a successful grant proposal:

1. Introduction in Cover Letter

The first step is letting your potential funder knows your project and its cost. But don’t explain too much here. Keep their curiosity by giving some hints. If your cover letter contains many words, they will lose interest to read more. Make it as you really need their support and your project has a really good impact.

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2. Executive Summary: Project at Glance

This part is aimed to give more information about your project. But still don’t get so wordy here. You can start by explaining your organization background, what is the relation to the project, until the next step after it is done. The important thing of this part is explaining why the funder fits to help you.

3. Problem / Needs Statement

Here you can go more detail about your project. You are allowed to explain more about the problem. Ensure the reader by giving a photo or some data as the evidence. Tell how important this project is and they need to give you fund. Your words should be simple, to the point, and easy to understand.

4. Description of Objectives

In the section before you have mention how important your project is. Now you tell in detail about its objective. Mention its objectives in points. Make the general and measured goals. Relate your objectives to the funder concern. Look at this grant proposal template for your reference.

5. Tell Your Project

It is the essential of your grant proposal. Write the detail of methodology, measured objectives, and evaluation system. We will tell you about the sustain effect on the further section. In this part focus on your plan. All the samples below are the grant proposal printable templates you can follow.

6. Evaluation Method

This is the basic to decide whether your project is success or not. It is something like a measurement of the key indicator performance. The more tangible your method, the surer your funder to invest in your project. Don’t forget to describe how you use their money. And if you need more cost for evaluation, you may add that information here too.

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7. Budgeting

Breakdown every cost needed in your project. This part must be very detail so you no need to add another cost. Don’t write a fake activity. As the opposite, the budget should look very rational to your funder. If you confused how to list the cost, find on this grant proposal pdf. This is downloadable and gives you detail as the example.

8. Sustainability Plan

A good project is a sustainable activity. The result of the project can be designed to sustainable program. Inform them whether you need continues fund or not. Also, you need to explain your project is about the pilot one or it is a part of another sustainable program before.

9. About Your Organization

This could be the last part of your grant proposal. As the closing, you can explain in detail who you are. If you are from certain organization, explain what the concern is, how long it has been established, and other about your profile. Let your funder knows more about you.

20 Templates of Grant Proposal

Alright, we have discussed steps to write a grant proposal. Learn in detail each part from the grant proposal printable above. That grant proposal pdf format is customized based on your need. Keep in mind that writing this proposal is about ensuring people to know the importance of your project, so they have the willingness to invest in you.

Grant Proposal

Grant Proposal

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