20 Best IQ Chart Templates And What You Can Predict

IQ shows many things about humanity. However, people more familiar that IQ shows intelligence. More intelligence people then more IQ that they gain. On the other hand, IQ chart itself doesn’t only measure intelligence. It measures other aspects. There are also some books reveal about IQ like in Ritchie’s book.

There are some fun facts about IQ that you need to know. Keep in mind that intelligence is all that matters in IQ. However, there are many things that IQ can say. A chart that tells about IQ itself could reveal some of the following things.

1. Intelligence

The first thing that IQ chart measures is intelligence. Most people know that IQ is always related to intelligence. Therefore, no wonder if the first thing that this kind of chart reveals is about intelligence. From the chart, you can see the more score the more intelligent people are.

People need to take a test at a certain time. There are a bunch of intelligence test on the internet but won’t measure real intelligence. It’s because the real test has to do with the guidance of an instructor. Thus, if it on the internet, there are no instructors and unlimited time.

2. Healthy Lifestyle

There are some researches about the relation between IQ and a healthy lifestyle. It might sound a bit far but it’s true. The more intelligent people, the more they pay attention to their health. Moreover, people with high intelligence think that health care is important.

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Therefore, they eat healthy food and go the healthy diet. In addition, they will also drive carefully. They tend not to go to the car crash. They care about themselves. Plus, they don’t want to let go of their life with a stupid thing.

The IQ chart pdf or printable will show the increase of healthy lifestyle in intelligence people. It doesn’t mean that less intelligent people won’t have a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, it means that more intelligent people have a healthy lifestyle.

3. Career Success And Wealth

The next thing that people could see from this chart is career success and wealth. Intelligence people tend to find a way to develop themselves. Moreover, good nutrition from healthy food makes their brain works better. As a consequence, they tend to chase their dream.

Therefore, no wonder if they succeed in a career. Their success brings more money to them. Consequently, they get wealth from it. They won’t feel satisfied with what they get. Thus, they also tend to get wealthier than before. Money means success, and it also means achievement for them.

4. Gene

The next thing that people will see from the IQ chart is genetic. IQ is not only from the environment. It’s also from a parent’s gene. Adults’ IQ tend to have heritability between 57 percent and 73 percent. Moreover, the heritability itself can increase.

The improvement is because of the age and the continuous level of adulthood. Therefore, the more mature they get, the more IQ they have. This is what the chart shows. Thus, if people say that a smart mother will create a smart child is right.

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It’s because the intelligence mostly comes from a mother. However, the father also has a role in intelligence but doesn’t as strong as a mother.

5. Childhood Social Class

This chart can show about childhood social class. It means that the environment also shows the IQ that people have. The place where people live affects their life so much. If people live in a place full of scientist, then they tend to do the same.

Therefore, they will grow up becoming a scientist too. However, most of all, the environment will help people grow. Live around positive people then you will think positively. Thus, IQ can be seen from childhood social class.

Those explanations above represent what IQ chart printable or pdf shows. In short, not only intelligence does the chart shows, but also health, success, and others.

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