20 Fax Cover Sheet Templates And Why They’re Important

When faxing, usually, there’s a fax cover sheet in preceding to your actual document. For easy understand, you can say this cover sheet is like a cover for a book or an opening for a letter. Its purpose is to introduce the document you send. That’s why, if you Google about this subject, you will get directed to numerous sites offered fax cover sheet templates.

Although optional, many feel a fax cover sheet is important as it carries with the contact information. That way the recipient of fax message wouldn’t inquire the sender without has to open the whole document. It provides for the sender’s contact information as well as the recipient. Thus, in a busy office or workplace, people will know who to deliver the fax.

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What Information to Put in Fax Cover Sheet

If you get the fax cover sheet templates printable from the internet, then you can get various designs as your wish. For basic, it contains the contact information of the sender (and recipient). In the recent design, some also put additional information. Here a list on what you should put in your fax cover sheet:

1. Sender (Your) Contact Information

This part is one of the main reasons for the fax cover sheet, putting your information, such as your name, fax number, along with the regular phone number. The purpose of this information is your recipient will know who the origin of the document. To put it simply, your recipient wouldn’t get blindsided with unknown fax message coming to them.

2. Recipient Contact Information

Aside from your information as the sender, you also should put your intended recipient in the fax cover sheet. This part is the yin for previous one yang. And like your information, you have to list the recipient name, fax, and actual phone number. That way, if other people in the office get your fax, they will know whom to send it.

3. Transmission

Before entering on your intended document in the fax message, there should be a transmission section in the fax cover sheet templates. This section is to differ where the document. Usually, people put the date and page number in this part. With that, your recipient will know when the fax document arrives, even if the place vacant. While informing the page number is to give an expectation for the recipient on the document in their hand.

4. The Nature of the Document

In most cases, people also put the nature of the document in the fax cover sheet. For instance, if the document is urgent and needs for immediate response. Or another example is the sender stated that they expect a reply for the document they send. That way, the recipient will know that the sender waited their response and if it needed immediately.

5. Company Logo and Tagline (Optional)

Even if this part is optional, many personals in companies and institutions put on the logo and tagline in their fax cover sheet. The reason is that they would show that the sender is a part of an entity. Not to mention, putting logo and tagline could be further identification for the official document. By putting them, the recipient will know that it’s an official document and may assume the organization knows about the matter.

How To Make Fax Cover Sheet Templates and the Examples

Further, after knowing what to put in fax cover sheet templates, many would like to get a hand in trying to make one. This task wouldn’t be a problem since a simple word processor program could carry. Besides, there are also many programs and apps invented for easy fax cover sheet making.

But if you don’t have time to make a new template, you could easily manage this matter. Because there is also the fax cover sheet templates PDF ready for you to get. That way, you don’t need to create the new ones each time you need for a fax cover sheet.

20 Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Free Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Free Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Word Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Word Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Free Printable Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Free Printable Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Medical Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Medical Fax Cover Sheet Templates


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Fax Cover Sheet Template 04


Fax Cover Sheet Template 03